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Practising and Teaching the Art of Web Development

We specialize in helping companies to create simple software using CakePHP and jQuery.



We can help you and your team to quickly adopt node.js.

Our training is individual to your current experience, and can range from the basics of JavaScript and evented programming, to the finer points of networking, POSIX operations, deployment and load testing.

Whether you are ready to book or just need a few questions answered, contact us at


We develop custom software applications using node.js and jQuery.

All our custom software is developed 100% test driven to ensure the highest quality.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch at

Things to mention:

  • Who is involved with the project?
  • What is their background? Are you geeks, creatives, business people?
  • Is this a new project or work on an existing project?
  • Do you have a fixed budget?
  • Will you need design work?

Code Reviews

We offer multiple levels of code review for node.js based applications:


With the airplane package you get a high-level analysis of the health of your project.

We help you determine if you received quality software or a rotten tomato.

You also get a list of suggestions regarding style, best practices and we will point out obvious issues we find.

Price: 500 EUR


The Hawk package allows us to setup & test your app on our local machines.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of all parts of your project and a list of specific ways to improve things.

Security & Performance are taken into consideration and you get a detailed problem report at the end.

Price: 1500 EUR


If you need us to fully emerge into your code base, the submarine package is the right choice.

We will turn your project upside down, test its scalability properties and try to break any security layers.

This package buys you the kind of security & confidence needed for serious business.

Price: Contact us



Do you keep my code confidential?
Of course. We are more than happy to work under an NDA and will remove your code from our computers after the review.
How long does the review take?
The Airplane and the Hawk review can usually be performed within one week. The Submarine review depends on your specific requirements as well as the size of your code base.