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3 Jobs for skilled Bakers

Posted on 12/6/08 by Felix Geisendörfer

Hey folks,

it's only been a short while since the launch of the new job board for the CakePHP community and there are already 3 jobs posted. If you are currently seeking employment, you should consider the following opportunities:

If any of those jobs sound interesting to you, go ahead and apply. If you are looking for skilled bakers yourself, consider posting on the job board. It is $300 / post of which 50% are donated to the Cake Software Foundation.

All jobs posted within the next month are also going to be featured on including a back link to the company website.

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Steve Oliveira said on Jun 14, 2008:

I have a complaint about one of the job posts and hopefully people on here can tell me if I'm off base or not. The job posting by QRIU lists this as a preferred skill: MySQL Clustering

Should a web developer really need know how to setup MySQL clustering? Isn't this the job of a DB admin or sys admin?

Felix Geisendörfer said on Jun 14, 2008:

Steve: There is no such thing as a "web developer". Just about everybody can call themselves that : ). But, if you plan do the PHP programming of an application that is supposed to scale horizontally, I think you should at least have basic system administration skills and a good insight into various scaling techniques. In a large company you might have the luxury of having somebody dedicated to nothing else but the scaling and server aspects of things. But in a small web shop you should expect to be jack of all trades to some degree : ).

Not sure what everybody else thinks, feel free to comment folks!

Khaled  said on Jun 14, 2008:

yeah Steve's complaint is right ... MySQL Clustering is the people in SQL field or Sys Admins ...

Web developer knows how to insert rows, create views and create database, but not going deeper "MySQL clustering" !!!

simon bridgewater said on Jun 14, 2008:

I work in a small webshop and although the only clusters I see are in the form of honey nuts, believe that anyone who does any php development should be able to install an operating sytem and configure the thing to run a LAMP based website.

You will most likely find that the type of people who enjoy clustering and all the sorts of other really heavy stuff don't usually develop websites and tend to lock themselves away in some dusty old server farm..

Steve Oliveira said on Jun 15, 2008:

simon bridgewater: Agree on your points about LAMP and honey nuts

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