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About Cores, Cakes and my Face ..

Posted on 29/9/08 by Tim Koschützki

Hey folks,

it's been a while since you last saw a blog post from me. I guess Felix's 30 day challenge allowed me to slack a little too much. However, since the challenge is finished now and went nicely (hey Felix) it's time for me to supply some valuable and/or funny content as well. Let's go the funny route for this one ...

As you know Felix and I had been to Raleigh a couple weeks ago in order to do the CakePHP workshop with Nate and Garrett, which went very well. It was only logical that at some point someone would remember my incident with the cake core.. Since Gary (aka NOSLOW) and his gang - the guys who hosted the workshop in their halls - were so kind as to bake a cake that looks like the real CakePHP logo, someone (I think it was me) had the idea to misuse it for my public humiliation.

So far so good... actually not so good for me. :/ However, it was much better than the planned naked-run during the Buenos Aires Cakefest.

The pictures should speak more than a thousand words could:

1. First some (fake) worshiping of Nate and Garrett. Man this is humiliating. :P

2. My girl-friend Cindy showing the cake. She did most of the organization of the workshop. Thanks Cindy.

3. The process of the cake being slammed at my face.

4. Ain't it violence?

5. See Garrett's nasty grin? I bet he loves doing these things. xD

6. As Nate put the cake core back in at that time - he is now cleaning up the mess on the street as well.

7. Hidden surprise: There were small sticks in the cake, that almost hit my left eye, too. :S See how the left tear sac is a little red? :P

Funny, a little violent, but well deserved. :) Have fun with the pictures!

-- Tim Koschuetzki aka DarkAngelBGE


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Poncho  said on Sep 29, 2008:

Hehe, you won't do that again ;)

Daniel Hofstetter said on Sep 30, 2008:

The next time you should eat the cake and not waste it, especially if it is a gift...

Tim Koschützki said on Sep 30, 2008:

@Daniel: The gift givers stood next to us and allowed the action, so no worries there.

NOSLOW  said on Sep 30, 2008:

Indeed, I was able to view the spectacle first hand and was totally OK with Tim's humiliation :). And, no, I did not personally bake the cake so I had no idea about the support sticks inside the cake (sorry Tim!). I thought those were just screams of humiliation...guess it was from the pain of wooden splinters stabbing violently into his face. Who knew :/

Martin Bavio said on Sep 30, 2008:

Haha nice pictures Tim! Better that than trying to run naked here in Argentina. You are going to be raped several times! :)

Steve said on Sep 30, 2008:

Haha, on #5 you look unamused.

Nik said on Oct 06, 2008:

haha, this demonstrates also the development process as well

1. The idea
2. Messing up with code

3. Clean the mess

4. The result - Tim's face smiling

Good example guys, it look like it was fun on the workshop :P

Fahad Ibnay Heylaal said on Oct 26, 2008:

ha ha... the most memorable post on!

edwardpenishands said on Jan 05, 2009:

Stop wasting food ! Goshhh....

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