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Asshole-Driven Development - Anyone?

Posted on 30/6/07 by Tim Koschützki

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Yesterday a colleague of mine told me about a nice blog post that I have to share with you guys. It is about what team playing weaknesses of certain team members can result into. The post from Scott Berkum invents nice headings for the different software "approaches" in teams and thus you are confronted with names like Asshole-Driven Development, Cognitive Dissonance development, Cover Your Ass Engineering, Development By Denial and Get Me Promoted Methodology. It is definately a good laugh, but it is so true what's written there!

Here is an excerpt:

Get Me Promoted Methodology (GMPM) - People write code and design things to increase their visibility, satisfy their boss’s whims, and accelerate their path to a raise or the corner office no matter how far outside of stated goals their efforts go. This includes allowing disasters to happen so people can be heroes, writing hacks that look great in the short term but crumble after the individual has moved on, and focusing more on the surface of work than its value.

Enjoy and have a good one,

PS: Don't forget to check the comments there. Too funny! :D


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