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Baking in the big kitchen

Posted on 27/10/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

I just wanted to make a quick announcment that I'm officially a contributor of the Cake Software Foundation / CakePHP from now on. My first task is to work on some of the tickets for the Bakery and then add some enhancments and new features to it. After that I'm sure there will be more things for me to do, but I'll talk about those when I know more about them ; ).


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Lucian Lature  said on Oct 27, 2006:


ben hirsch said on Oct 27, 2006:

congrats! happy to hear it.

Dieter@be  said on Oct 27, 2006:

it was about friggin' time ;-)

Tarique Sani said on Oct 28, 2006:

Nice to hear that and yes it was about time :)

Looks like things are indeed moving at the Cake Foundation

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