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CakePHP conference in Chile

Posted on 16/12/08 by Felix Geisendörfer

Hey folks,

just a quick note for the south american baker's and friends of cerveza: Some of the folks in Chile are having another CakePHP conference on Friday, Dec 19th (this week!). So if you want to check it out, the event is free and from my rough understanding of the schedule it looks interesting.

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined

PS: They named their event 'CakeFest' as well but that is a somewhat unfortunate choice as the cake software foundation is using this term for the official events they organize. Rumor has it the next one will be in here Berlin ; ).


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Fabian Ramirez said on Dec 17, 2008:

Dear, how can we name this event? .. CakeChile, CakeChileConCarne? :P

CakeFest is the best option we thinked, and we didn't see the inconvenient of what that name :(

Felix Geisendörfer said on Dec 17, 2008:

Fabian Ramirez: Don't worry about renaming it now, everybody is happy seeing cake being promoted and events organized for it. The foundation hasn't made it very clear that it wants to use 'cakefest' as the official name for all events organized by it so far so your only way to find out was this one : ).

I like ChileConCare : ).

Fabian Ramirez said on Dec 17, 2008:

Renamed :p

Neil Crookes said on Dec 17, 2008:

ChileConCake is better - is that what you meant Felix ;-)

I look forward to impressing all you natives with my formidable knowledge of the German language - "Wie komme ich am besten zum bahnhof bitte?"

Bring on CakeFest#3, do you know when it will be? Can you do it before September 09 and not early June? Please please please.

Lucian Lature  said on Dec 17, 2008:

Why not having more than two events in a year, and maybe you can also pass London on the list :D

kuba said on Dec 17, 2008:

Can't wait for Berlin event.

Tim Koschützki said on Dec 17, 2008:

kuba: Awesome. :)

Renan Gonçalves (aka renan.saddam)  said on Dec 17, 2008:


I still prefer a CarnivalFest in Rio. :)

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