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Join us at cake fest!

Posted on 11/1/08 by Felix Geisendörfer

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Hey folks,

just wanted to let you all know that Tim and I are most likely going to cake fest (still got to convince him a little) this year and I'd like to see as many familiar faces and nicknames there as possible.

So who is coming?

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Tim Koschuetzki said on Jan 11, 2008:

Yeah I am coming mate. ; )

brian  said on Jan 11, 2008:

looks like cakefest site got slashdotted, sort of, too many db connections, which is a good thing :)

lot of interest, I want to come if $ allows me to do so.

Dixon  said on Jan 12, 2008:

Man, I'd love to come! The problem is that I live in Sweden. Haven't met many bakers here... But I'm leaving for a weekend in Frankfurt, Germany in the end of January. So if you hook something up by then, count me in ;)

Dixon  said on Jan 12, 2008:

I did really get things wrong here! Thougt you where to organize a cake fest in Germany... Not that you where talking about THE cake fest, sorry :P

Man, it's too early in the morning to post comments, haha

Joel Moss said on Jan 12, 2008:

I am hoping to go. I also submited a presentation proposal on Migrations, so if I get accepted, it will be a definate yes I think.

Mariano Iglesias said on Jan 12, 2008:

I am going. I have everything booked already so you won't get rid of me. Looking forward to seeing all of you there.

@Felix: I hope that "might go" turns into a "will definitely go", or next time I'm in germany I'm going to get all kung-fu on your ass ;)

Felix Geisendörfer said on Jan 13, 2008:

Mariano: We're coming, don't worry : ). No need to get all kung-fu on me ; p.

Matt said on Jan 14, 2008:

I'll try to be there but can't promise anything!

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