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Wanted: Server admin for Cent OS

Posted on 28/9/07 by Felix Geisendörfer

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Update 2: Thanks a lot to all the people contacting me about this! I had a hard time choosing, but so far I've been fairly happy with my decision. If this little business really takes off, we might need additional people, but for now we've got all the help we wanted.

Update: I'm stilling looking for interested people and after some further thinking I discovered that there is a good bit more work then I expected. Also if that isn't enough - I know at least one other company who is in need of a server admin as well who I could refer you to.

Hey folks,

I'd like to get somebody who is skilled with Linux and setting up and maintaining LAMP, Trac, SVN, DNS, etc. and some other things may needed for deploying a small CakePHP app in a production environment as well as helping me with some things on another VPS box I use for development purposes. I've simply spent up too much time with trying to configure and debug some issues in the past and would like to focus more on the application itself. However, I'd also like this to be a little learning experience for me and hear about the solutions to the issues in detail. There may also be a chance for having your work featured in a blog post or two as I think some of the things I need setup could be useful to lots of bakers out there.

So if you're interested please drop me a email at with some of the things you've worked on (no résumés please, just some informal samples that could make me like you and your work). You'd be paid by the hour (wage will depend on your negotiation skills ; ) and after fixing my current issues I'm sure I'll find ways to mess up my servers so there is more work for you.

-- Felix

PS: Both servers currently run CPanel / XController, so if you have worked with those systems in the past that might be helpful as well.


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