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People who thought ...

Posted on 14/12/08 by Felix Geisendörfer

Sorry to those who felt offended, this was really just meant as a joke.

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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JadB said on Dec 14, 2008:

I like that... I didn't even comment on the earlier post, the laugh it had given me was already enough waste of time and today I read this one - makes me feel in the green!! ;)

Silver Knight  said on Dec 14, 2008:

You might be sorry TO the folks who felt offended, but I feel more sorry FOR the folks who felt offended. It must be a miserable life being so stressed all the time. I like this new graph even better'n the last one though. I think while all this was going down, I was in that little green circle there... :)

As to whether the previous post was funny or not, doesn't even matter. What matters was whether YOU thought it was funny. If it gave you a chuckle and made you feel better that day, then it served it's purpose. If anyone ELSE found it funny ALSO, then that's just "bonus". "Icing on the cake..." The folks who chose to be offended by it? Sad, but their choice, not yours. Let them stress if that's what makes them happy. ;)

Mike  said on Dec 15, 2008:

I feel that this graph lacks any integrity. There are no paragraphs explaining what you mean by either "Funny" or "Stupid". What kind of "shit" are you referring to anyways? Furthermore, I don't see any explanations or proof backing up the size of either circle. Is this dynamically adjusted as per the comments on the last post? Any SERIOUS blogger or MVC developper would have at least used jQuery, but does CakePHP even have jQuery modules and plugins? Looks like you should put your money where your mouth is Felix and maybe look up javascript on wikipedia.


Fabian Ramirez said on Dec 16, 2008:

We need some fun no?

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