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Programmer Productivity: Mondays

Posted on 16/8/10 by Felix Geisendörfer

Monday's are a bitch. You are confronted with all the stuff you didn't finish the week before, and forgot about over the weekend. Everybody is a little cranky, and I found myself much more likely to give into procrastination or occupying myself with busy work.

I'm not sure what the solution to a great Monday is, but I think a combination of my upcoming weekend habit changes together with planning my tasks on Sunday night would be helpful.

This post is more of an update on my last days, I'm playing beach volleyball every Monday night, so I had no time writing a longer post for today.

Saturday's Productivity

  1. Productive work: 0,98 h
  2. Busy work: 2,33 h
  3. Procrastination: - (not tracked, weekend)

84 lines of code added, 28 deleted in 1 project

  • I got a lot of small stuff done, like working through various paper work and cleaning my home office
  • Coding productivity was almost non-existant as I hit roadblocks with some API design

Sundays's Productivity

  1. Productive work: 1,85 h
  2. Busy work: 0,60 h
  3. Procrastination: - (not tracked, weekend)

406 lines of code added, 341 deleted in 1 project

  • I had a really great session refactoring some code for my node-mysql module

Mondays's Productivity

  1. Productive work: 2,03 h
  2. Busy work: 5,30 h
  3. Procrastination: 0,95 h

Time after 6pm: 0,5 h

288 lines of code added, 48 deleted in 2 project

  • I had a hard time focusing which directly resulted in more procrastination and especially busy work.



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