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Posted on 28/8/08 by Felix Geisendörfer

Hey folks,

this is a little heads up that my post for today will be delayed as I'm traveling to Atlanta today and there simply wasn't any time so far this morning to finish my post. However, I wil finish it at the airport (after hacking the wifi ; p).

Meanwhile here is a little teaser for the upcoming post, enjoy:

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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pablasso said on Aug 28, 2008:

Dirty excuses, I want my €50

rafaelbandeira3 said on Aug 28, 2008:

@pablasso: oh sure you own it!
@felix: aren't you already oweing us the follow-up to "I believe in Symmetry"? Come on! We trust you can - and be sure we want it!

pat said on Aug 28, 2008:

I did this last week. Ah, memories. Replacing a hard drive?

kabturek said on Aug 28, 2008:

is it dieing ? ;)
i read that mb pros have a nasty hardware flaw

Apple is great at software but they could make better hardware ... the problem is - they don't have to - people will still buy their hardware cause the combination (soft+hard) can't be beaten (for not power-users - that doesnt mean that power user cant use macs etc just non-power users can't use bsd/linux ;).

/me hugs his immortal Thinkpad ;)

primeminister said on Aug 28, 2008:

This breaks my heart Felix! Such a nice piece of soft/hardware!

p.s. Thanx for the nice evening last monday!

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