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Sales Almost Closing for CakeFest#3 in Berlin!

Posted on 6/7/09 by Tim Koschützki

Hey folks,

There are only around 10 hours left until sales close for the up until now biggest CakeFest. It will take place from Jul 9 until Jul 12 in Debuggable's hometown Berlin, Germany. It is in fact two events in one: A CakePHP workshop and the main conference with talks presented by core developers and community members.

The CakePHP Workshop

The CakeFest CakePHP Workshop (July 9-10) provides an opportunity for beginner and intermediate developers to jump-start their experience with CakePHP by learning directly from the CakePHP core team. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their laptops, as they will be learning hands-on how to set up and build CakePHP applications.

Nate and Mariano will talk about topics including basic application design, expert project workflow techniques, interacting with databases and web services, JavaScript and Ajax, and much more. The presentations are classroom-style allowing participants to follow along and ask questions. Check out the workshop schedule.

Felix, others and myself will be on-hand to provide one-on-one help. If you are a designer and the workshop pace is quite fast for you or if you are experienced, but have a difficult architectural problem that you need help with: The workshop and the one-on-ones will get you up and running and will provide all necessary help.

The Main Conference

The CakeFest Conference (July 11-12) is the primere event for CakePHP developers of all levels to meet, socialize, and learn collaboratively. Attendees will be immersed in a collective learning environment where some of the coolest ideas of the CakePHP community will be discussed and presented.

Topics include - but aren't limited to - Demystifying Webservices in CakePHP, Building Custom APIs and JavaScript for PHP Developers. Check out the full schedule and head on over and get your ticket.

What do we do in the evenings?

The evenings will be packed with fun dinners, bar visits and club visits. If you thought discussions would end then you are wrong. The CakeFests from the past proved to have very enjoyable evenings with fun action going on.

How many folks will be there?

Just to give you an idea about how many folks will be attending. As of now there are:

  • 9 people from the CakePHP Development Team
  • 35 people attending the workshop
  • 62 people attending the conference

.. attending.

So you can see, there are tons of opportunities to network, discuss and learn about new and old things. You will be able to meet core team members and discuss your applications, experience and wishes with them. In the evenings we will hang out, drink one or two beers, and just have fun! And all of that at affordable prices!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on over and grab your ticket. :)

See you all there!

-- Tim Koschuetzki aka DarkAngelBGE


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Rob Richmond said on Jul 14, 2009:

Question...anybody know where the content for this CakeFest is going to be posted? Or if it will be posted? I am still waiting for the video we did at the CakeFest is Raleigh, NC.

Tim Koschützki  said on Jul 14, 2009:

Alright, so CakeFest was amazing!

Felix Geisendörfer said on Jul 15, 2009:

@Rob: The Raleigh video has not been made available because unfortunately the audio track turned out to be very poor : /. However, the footage of this cakefest seems very good so far and we are going to blog about it soon as well.

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