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Posted on 20/8/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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You might have noticed that I changed the title of this blog to "ThinkingPHP and beyond" a couple days ago. I did that because currently I'm thinking a lot about where go with it. I definetly want to stay focused on PHP in general, but I feel like I (and a lot of other php developers) actually work with a lot more technologies then "just" php. So I'd like to talk about that as well.

In the beginning of this blog I talked a lot about CakePHP and published quite a couple of classes and tools I've written for others to use. Lately I'm in the process of becoming an agile developer and so naturally I'd like to write a lot about Unit/Integrational testing. But I've also done some interesting javascript coding in my local sandbox that I feel like sharing.

So what I'm saying is, that I have a lot of different things I'm interested in and would like to write about. In the next couple of weeks I'll release a completly new, CakePHP based version of this weblog, featuring a completly new design and structure (legacy posts / urls will remain supported).
After that I want to start writing some in-depth articles and tutorials in a special section. The blog itself I want to turn into a more quick-n'-daily-read experience instead of the long posts I do right now.

So far, the options I'm considering to write about are:

  • PHP Coding practices (debugging, IDE's, commenting, style)
  • Agile Development (testing, automation, collaboration, svn)
  • Web Standards / Usability / Accessibility
  • CakePHP (tutorials, examples, re-usability)
  • JavaScript coding (behaviors, gracious degradation, etc.)
  • Web Services (with CakePHP)
  • General ranting and raving about MS IE (just kidding)

I'm still in the phase of planning all of this out, and I would be highly interest in your, my readers, opinion on it. So go ahead and tell me what you'd like to read more about in future, and I'm pretty sure most of it would be a pleasure for me to write as well ; ).

Update: I forgot to mention: This will all lead to me writing a lot more on here in future ; ).


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Tom said on Aug 20, 2006:

Write about anything, I will read it :D

Boris Barroso  said on Aug 20, 2006:

Iam a usual reader of your blog and I like cakephp, but I would like to see other frameworks articles, (I recently used Code Igniter) it doesn't have the power cakephp has but it is very fast and has many great tools and Ideas that might be woth port to cakephp.

Felix Geisendörfer said on Aug 20, 2006:

Tom: Alright, that makes me happy ; ).

Boris: That's a good idea. But if I do that I'll not go into lengthy feature comparsions or stuff like that. I think a lot of people did that already (better then I could) but I feel it's kind of boring. However, looking at other frameworks under the aspect of features that could be ported to cakephp is indeed interesting. I recently started looking over into railsland to see how they do certain things and that was very interesting for me ; ).

Daniel Hofstetter said on Aug 20, 2006:

I like your long posts, and so I hope you will still write some long posts from time to time :-)

Felix Geisendörfer said on Aug 20, 2006:

Daniel: Oh I will write stuff that's so long that you'll need to get a new coffee machine to stay with it if that's what you want ; ). The only thing is, that I'll move the longer stuff into an own section and use the blog for posting teasers to the artciles. That way I can seperate the stuff that might still be an interesting read for people in a couple month from the stuff that's very volatile. It also helps people decide upfront if it's worth investing the time to read an article before they actually do.

So the blog itself will contain teasers to new articles, new ideas (open for discussion) and shorter little tips and solutions I find useful ; ). Would that work for you?

Konrad said on Aug 21, 2006:

Great, looking forward to it! :) said on Aug 21, 2006:

Felix Geisendörfer's Blog: The Future of


Nate K said on Aug 21, 2006:

I am looking forward to it as well. I really appreciate the articles and insight that you bring to the table.

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