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The new ThinkingPHP

Posted on 4/9/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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I appologize for the fact that working on the new ThinkingPHP layout/app is keeping me so busy and I'll try to keep the post flow going as good as possible until the relaunch happens. But this post *ducks* is about the new design again.

Most of you probably have seen the first preview version I talked about a while ago. In the past days I've tried to fix some of the issues people pointed out with it and started to create a HTML/AHAH prototype of the site.

Right now the page has only been tested to render properly in Firefox 1.5.04 and IE still has some problems with the right navigation and the logo position. But since over 70% of my readers (I'm very proud of that number ^^) are using firefox anyway, I would be happy if you would check out the new prototype and let me know what you think about it. Any criticism or suggestions would be highly appriciated ; ).

One major change you might notice is a new item in the top navigation called "Projects". After the relaunch, this will become my personal kind of Source(/Cake)Forge where all of my coding snippets / projects are listed. There will be the option for people to discuss the code, request support, report bugs and get notified of changes via RSS / or email. I'll also try to provide some documentation for my code in future.

The relaunch will also include 1 (or maybe more) new php open source projects I'm working on right now. One of them is a light-weight Image library (based on GD 2.x) called Kaizhi which will support multi-layered images and other neat things like the dynamic creation of animated gif's (which works already).

Alright, enough talk, make sure you check out the new design version and stay tuned for my next non-SiteNews post ; ).

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Tom said on Sep 04, 2006:

Hi Felix, me again.

Only wanted to drop a line that the new one seems to work in opera9.1 like a charme too...


olivvv  said on Sep 04, 2006:

hi felix

If you are building an image library, you may have a look at
which is one of the smartest one I have ever seen.

btw I like the big buttons on you interface. Simple, efficient.

Bret Kuhns said on Sep 05, 2006:

the back button functionality doesn't seem to work when traversing pages Firefox Other than that, so far so good!

Felix Geisendörfer said on Sep 05, 2006:

Tom: Thanks, that's good news ; ). I read that opera has support for ~97% of the css specifications right now and firefox is around ~94%, so it only makes sense that IE with ~56% is the only one not rendering the thing correctly : p, but I'll fix it.

olivvv: Thanks a lot for the this link. I hadn't seen that library before. However, it's a little different from what I'm doing. phpThumb (from what I saw) tries to give you a handy HTTP interface for common image tasks like resizing, some effects, etc.. The library I'm working on is mainly about creating images on the fly in a more sophisticated manner. Meaning that it's going to be highly object oriented, with support for image layers as well as a comprehensive plugin system. It started out with resizing needs / cropping needs of mine as well, but got kind of out of control when I wanted animated gif's (which essentially required writing a binary GIF decoder and encoder).

Oh and I'm pretty happy you like the big buttons : ). If you (or anybody else) is interested, I'm using the excellent Crystal Clear Icon collection for the page (

Bret Kuhns: Err, yeah I didn't do that. It's just a demo version, I'm not sure how much of the real page will be using ajax in the beginning, it just seemed convenient for making the illusion of simple navigation working for now ; ). Especially when using my new favourite JS library jQuery.

Thanks to all of you for your feedback.

Lucian Lature  said on Sep 05, 2006:

Hello Felix!...

I like your new design, except the footer, which is totally missing.
I would appreciate some quick links or a quick navigation in the footer.

My impression is that your page is suddenly ending.

That will be my criticism for now.

Felix Geisendörfer said on Sep 05, 2006:

Hey Lucian, that's a useful piece of advise. Didn't know people pay attention to footers that much ; ). I'll experiment with it and see what I can come up with. Thanks.

sosa said on Sep 05, 2006:

looks 99% well in IE7RC1 too. That 1% is because logo appears above of it's position.

Christian Tietze said on Sep 05, 2006:

I'm not a big fan of this "hard" blue colors. For me, it's just like using #FF0000 it it were red. I'm colorblind, which is to say that I've got a big problem with red/green, so my opinion on colors might not be that important anyway :) Nevertheless, I personally miss colors but blue. Your current website uses pastel-ish tones which I absolutely love, so switching to nothing but blue distracts me.
The mayor problem is that your RSS feed isn't displaying the whole post but a few hundred words of it to attract me, the reader, to visit your site (which will be - sorry, I'm repeating - blue).

Sucking the saturation out a bit might work I think.

but to be honest, I don't really *know* :)

Felix Geisendörfer said on Sep 06, 2006:

sosa: Thx for this info. Hopefully the IE 6 hacks will fix this small IE 7 problem as well. Otherwise I'll wait for the "official" IE 7 release before starting to make my (private) sites compatible with it.

Christian Tietze: The fact that the RSS feed is trunacated wasn't a result of me trying to get readers to visit my site, but had to do with feedburner. They don't download your feed if it's bigger then 512 kb, and due to all the Geshi code highlighting this sometimes is the case, which means I had to take action. I don't know if I'll do truncated RSS feeds for the new site but I can't say I won't since getting the people to visit is definitly good for me.

Anyway, I would be more then glad to provide an additional style sheet (and graphics) more suitable for color blind people. If you have any other suggestions on what the best solution (in terms of color changes and integration) would be, let me know and I'll put some effort behind it.

Christian Tietze said on Sep 10, 2006:

If you're willing to ship an alternate style sheet, I would tell you how I personally feel about the colors as soon as the new design is up and running. That way it's easier for me to tell you what bugs me because I can use the site live which could make me stumble upon things I don't notice in a still image.

Felix Geisendörfer said on Sep 10, 2006:

Christian Tietze: Alright, I think I'll basically offer a more light-weight less-graphics style sheet as an alernative for people with slow connections / color blindness / etc. So in the RSS feed there will be a link that'll automatically make use of this sheet instead.

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