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What you can do about the finance crisis

Posted on 9/10/08 by Felix Geisendörfer

Work hard.

Block out the news as much as you can.

Know that every investment you make now will pay off unbelievable ways if you are serious about it.

-- Felix Geisendörfer


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Nik said on Oct 10, 2008:

I would say - get upfront payments from financial business companies, because, who knows, it's possible they couldn't survive in the storm :)

Invest in gold, and cakes

dr. Hannibal Lecter said on Oct 10, 2008:

Heh, what finance crisis? :-P

Nate Todd said on Oct 10, 2008:

Yeah, you guys are getting hit pretty hard right now in Germany. Here's hoping things go well for everyone!

Silver Knight  said on Oct 10, 2008:

This is quite wise advice, Felix. I also echo Nate Todd's sentiment in hoping all goes well for everyone.

Steve Boyd said on Oct 12, 2008:

Invest in a Porsche

Then there's no way you'll lose your savings because you won't have any to loose =)

Felix Geisendörfer said on Oct 13, 2008:

Steve Boyd: Good advice, but they said I can't buy it on credit : (.

SayB said on Oct 13, 2008:

these days media does a good job enhancing the effect of things, so for instance you've suffered 40% damage, the news is going to make it look like 70% ... and frankly that's the whole model for the media industry, more viewers == more profit - don't know about Germany, but do certainly for the U.S.
Felix you are right, one should avoid the news, I experienced it, if I watch the news, it wouldn't let me concentrate on my work. There's just too much gibberish to be filtered from the real facts.

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