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Git alias for displaying the GitHub commit url

Posted on 18/3/09 by Felix Geisendörfer

If you often find yourself pointing your team members to commit urls in GitHub, this might be fun for you.

I created git alias called 'hub' that automatically guesses the github repository url for the repository you are currently in:

$ git hub

Based on that I created a second alias called 'url', which gives you the url to HEAD commit:

$ git url

You can however also provide another sha1 you want to link to:

$ git url 22db8914220b717b0954b84365030ae3c9602a17

If you find those aliases useful, here are my ~/.gitconfig alias definitions for them:

  hub =! echo ""`git config remote.origin.url` | sed -E s/[a-z]+@github\.com:// | sed s/\.git$//
  url =!sh -c 'HEAD=`git rev-parse HEAD` && SHA1=`[ "$0" = "sh" ] && echo $HEAD || echo $0` && echo `git hub`"/commit/"${SHA1i}'

(Bash gurus: I am sure you can do the above much more elegantly, wanna give it a try?)

Further I also have this little bash script in ~/bin/tiny:

curl "$1"
echo ""

This allows me to make tiny urls for my links if I need to paste them on long-url unfriendly territory:

$ git url | xargs tiny

Or if you are on OSX, you can use this to open the git url in your browser:

$ git url | xargs open

Now all of the above could probably be done much smarter, but as far as I am concerned it works great ; ).

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined

PS: What command line tricks are part of your daily workflow?


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Nate Abele said on Mar 18, 2009:

"PS: What command line tricks are part of your daily workflow?"

In my ~/.profile:
alias phone='pbpaste | /usr/bin/phone.php'

This command will ssh into my phone and dial the number that's on my clipboard.

Joel Perras said on Mar 19, 2009:

@nate: Now that's just showing off ;-). That's pretty badass.

Tim Koschützki said on Mar 19, 2009:

Pretty neat Nate. Now make me a command that makes me a sandwich.

NOSLOW  said on Mar 19, 2009:

Hey Tim, I almost got it:

alias sandwich='"Hey Mom, make me a sandwich!" | /usr/bin/speaknspell.php'

It only seems to work in my parent's basement, though :/

Jan  said on Mar 21, 2009:

Don't forget to run it with sudo ;)

Binny V A said on Mar 21, 2009:

I have a lot of CLI tricks to help my work - but this is my only git CLI hack - gitstat

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