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Long time, no post ... where I've been hiding.

Posted on 17/12/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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Hey folks,

as some of you might have noticed, activity on here has dropped to a bare minimum (me answering post comments) for a couple of weeks. So for all of you who wonder if I've given up bloging, won in the lottery and left the country or simply have been too busy, here is what happened: About 4 weeks ago I started to work on a bigger project, and if things go well I'll be working on it for a couple more month. Now one of the first web development tasks I got assigned was to do a HTML/CSS/JS mockup for a part of the application. Since this task was/is pretty complex, it has been keeping me pretty busy for the past weeks. Not so busy that I couldn't do some posts, but busy enough to procrastinate it. The other thing is that I simply didn't do much CakePHP work recently. My #1 activity was writing JS code using jQuery, and I've really improved my skills in that area considerably. But as this blog is named ThinkingPHP I was a little unsure how you as my audience would react if I suddenly turned it into ThinkingJS over night. Right now it looks like I'll leave mockup-land very soon and this means more CakePHP stuff will be going through my head. But regardless of that, I still have a lot of JS things I'd like to talk about (like some postings about a MVC framework I've written in JS). Therefor I'd love to hear who of you would be interested in this. If interest is low I'll see if I can find another outlet, otherwise I'd like to share a little more JS stuff from now on.

So let me know what you would like to read about, and I'll try to go back to a ~2posts / week pattern soon.

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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olivvv  said on Dec 17, 2006:


Tom said on Dec 17, 2006:

wb felix!

Interested too, as JS is pretty much a spanish Dorf to me ;)

klevo said on Dec 17, 2006:


kabturek said on Dec 17, 2006:

/me is interested

DingoNV  said on Dec 17, 2006:

$interest++; // here too. i need lots of help in javascript land

Nate said on Dec 17, 2006:

Since Cake will be supporting jQuery soon anyway, posting on it is totally on-topic ;-)

Felix Geisendörfer said on Dec 17, 2006:

Alright! The JS posts will come ; ).

I think I'll not get into the advanced stuff right away as I expect lot's of you to be more knowledgable about php than about JS. Therefor I'll start with some posts that I really wished somebody would have had written a couple weeks ago. Kind of a JS guide for people coming from PHP covering things like associative arrays, scope, inheritance, etc.. This will be ~2-3 posts. Then I'll start with some more advanced stuff and jQuery ; ).

Mandy said on Dec 17, 2006:

I would be interested in it too. My experience with js & ajax is more than it's with php & cakephp :)

Irina  said on Dec 17, 2006:

I'd love to read these posts. They come in the perfect moment for me. Looking forward!

Dieter@be said on Dec 17, 2006:

Well, i sure love php/server side programming more then clientside stuff, but hey.. why not? I'm sure i'll find most stuff interesting!

And if your readers don't like the js, they'll just skip it :) just don't keep the php-guys waiting *tooo* long ;-)

Felix Geisendörfer said on Dec 17, 2006:

Nate: This is great news. jQuery and CakePHP are a match made in heaven ; ).

Dieter@be: I won't let the php folks starve, that's for sure ; ). In fact I just asked my client if it'd be ok for me to get started on the CakePHP code for the interface I've created, so let's see how that goes ; ).

Dieter@be said on Dec 17, 2006:

lol google ads is showing an ad for

now *that* makes sense :D

doug said on Dec 18, 2006:

Glad to hear that you're back!

Julio Vinicius said on Dec 18, 2006:

That's a good idea!!! :)

Mike Schulze  said on Dec 18, 2006:

Please, post JS stuff here, by all means. I would be especially interested how it interacts with Cake because I have not done much in that direction yet.

Mal so nebenbei, absolute Klasse, das Blog. Ich bin froh, dass du wieder was schreibst. :)

Jippi said on Dec 19, 2006: :D

Dafun said on Dec 19, 2006:

Especially in cakePHP and AJAX interaction

Christian Tietze said on Dec 20, 2006:

If one isn't itnerested in JS, one needn't read the post, I say.


Romasio  said on Dec 26, 2006:

Oh I always like to get know something new not only about CakePHP, but about JS too ;) It's ok with me if you write something about JS now and then! ;)

Christoph  said on Dec 28, 2006:

Oh yeah! All that JS/Ajax-stuff get's chaotic so quickly which makes bugs and so on really hard to find. I'm really curious about a good concept on how to integrate nice ajax-stuff with cakephp!

Go for it!

[...] after the overwhelming interest in me writing a little bit about javascript on this blog, here comes my first post on that topic. It's actually the beginning of a little series (2 or 3 parts) that is going to be targeted at php developers who've only used JS by merging snippets/libraries together without really learning the language itself. For all of those posts please keep in mind that I'm mainly on the php site of town as well, but my recent trips to downtown javascript have hopefully taught me well ; ). [...]

Nima said on Jan 04, 2007:

Just go on, I'll keep my eyes on your blog ;)

Tim Koschuetzki said on Jun 21, 2007:

Same here. :)

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