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Workshop Day 1 / Missed blog post

Posted on 7/9/08 by Felix Geisendörfer

Hey folks,

if you have been following this blog closely you probably have noticed that there was no blog post published yesterday. Corey, one of the attendees here at the workshop was the first to notice and has already received his 50 EUR reward.

So what happened? Well, Nate, Garrett and me did an allnighter last night to finish some of the material for our presentations. Bye the time we were done (err ran out of time) the workshop already started and I wasn't able to fit any blogging time in between. Oh well - I'm going to continue the challenge anyway and add another day at the end to get to 30 posts total.

Today's post is just a quick sum up of yesterdays action. Before any of the workshop started, Garrett had to do some training of his presentation skills (no, he missed the catch):

As already mentioned above, all of us had lots of material to go over to make sure we were well prepared:

Despite Hurricane Hannah coming in, pretty much everybody made it to the credit risk management headquarters where the event takes place. We cannot thank this company enough for providing us with their amazing facility.

As announced, we have two rooms available. Room #1 is where the official sessions are being presented.

And in Room #2 we have a great time going into great depths on anything people are interested in and want individual training on:

In the breaks there are lots of interesting discussions going on as can be seen in the following shots.

So far this has been great fun and we are looking forward to today's talks & events!

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Ashley  said on Sep 07, 2008:

I would have thought you would have pre-written but unpublished posts just in case you had no time to write...I would have! haha

Rob  said on Sep 08, 2008:

Felix...did I miss it or did you forget to post again this morning? Hope all is well. Great workshop!

Nate Abele said on Sep 08, 2008:
Rob Richmond  said on Sep 08, 2008:

Thanks...kinda funny my comment got posted over 4 hours ago and Felix shows over 5 hours. Some how my system wasn't picking up the latest, even though I checked the home page for the whole hour between 9-10. No biggy at all.

BTW, like I told you yesterday you guys did a great job and thanks for spending your weekend with us to help us understand a little bit more about CakePHP!

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