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My first $100 from AdSense

Posted on 19/10/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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I just checked my AdSense account and realized that I've finally made it, I made my first $100 from AdSense, and now I'm incredibly rich! Oh well, not really. Compared to the work I've putten into this blog those hundred bucks seem sort of silly. And even so ~90% of this money has been generated in the last 2 month, and Alexa starts to like this blog more and more, I don't think the main potential of this blog is the advertisment money that can be made with it. Very soon I'll reach the point where there are simply no more (Cake)PHP people out there that are interested in reading what I've got to say, and that's where visitor numbers are going to become stagnant. But I don't care, I think it's pretty amazing that ~500 people are reading this blog on an average week day and I'll try to do my best at keeping this site interesting.

To me, the real value of this page consists of several things. One thing is that I've learned and still am learning tons of things about programming and PHP through blogging. Since I've started in January this year, tons of incredibly talented people have been reading and testing what I've talked about on here, and their feedback has been incredibly valuable to me. But even if nobody would have ever read one word of what I said, simply the feeling of displaying my work in public has pushed me to develop higher standards for my code.
Another cool aspect of maintaining this blog has been that I've made quite a couple of business contacts through it which lead to an increase in my total income as well as my wage.
And last but not least, one day this blog will serve me well when I launch my own internet enterprise. it will take a while before this happens since I'm not interested in jumping on the Web 2.0 train as I see it crashing very soon, leaving nothing but nasty inline JS behind ; ). No if I'm going to launch something online it's gonna have to touch the real world in one way or the other.

Alright, since I'm done with my work for today you'll see a couple more posts later on. Oh and before I forget: IE 7 has just been release, gonna be scary week.

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Dieter@be  said on Oct 19, 2006:

actually i just come here to check out /cakenews/

so, you have a blog here too? ^^

Felix Geisendörfer said on Oct 20, 2006:

Yeah, it's even featured on /cakenews/ ... amazing isn't it? ; )

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